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How to add space to your Home

residential property valuers Brisbane

Adding space to your home is a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new home and selling the old one. Property valuers can help you to make the right decision in the property world. But you can increase the value of your home by adding the space to it. Investing your money, time and resources in extending your home not only adds space to the home but also makes your home worth living and bigger.

Here are some surefire tips to add space to your home –

Start from outer space – You can convert your unused patio or garage or front yard into a garden cum open living area where you can sit with your family and enjoy your breakfast time.

Nowadays the garage becomes small for big luxury cars so it’s a good idea to use the dead space of your home and convert it into some worthy place. Converting garage into a kitchen extended area with dining room can be a great idea to add a space to your home.

Time for the modular kitchen – Kitchen carries an important place at home for people. Modern kitchen with sufficient space can add more value to your home. Modular kitchen gives a cabinet to store utensils and things in the more organized way thus your kitchen looks more updated.

Rooftop as living area – You can arrange the table and relaxing chair over the roof or terrace area where you can get the sufficient light and air. You can spend some time in evening and morning there with your family members. Thus you can use your terrace area wisely.

Change your interior – Hire an architect or interior designer who can suggest you how to add space to your home. It can be removing the walls between the two small rooms to make it a large one or else eliminating the wall between the kitchen and dining area to make your kitchen more spacious. You can do this but you need to get permission from a structural engineer who checks and then grant you the permission to do so.

Take the construction permission – You can hire an engineer and ask what changes in structure can be done. Then get the permission from local government to proceed the work ahead. This is you can add one or two rooms in the home by building it on the terrace.

Build a bathroom – Bathrooms are always in need. If you have any extra space you can create a bathroom. You can upgrade your bathroom by placing shower in it instead of a bathtub. If you have sufficient space then you can go for it, it increases the look of a bathroom to a large extent.

Above all, before making all or any of these changes it is advisable to hire a property valuer for inspection and know is it valuable to make any changes in the property?

These are the tips you can use to add space to your home. You can hire a property valuer to suggest you – how you can add space and value to your home. They are the experts know well about the property and its world. Feel free to contact us for the best property valuation services.