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Know about the factors that devalue your house

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You must have known about the things that can add or increase the value of your home. And definitely, you are being told by the property valuer Brisbane how small changes in the right way can bring the big impact on your property’s worth. But sometimes people overdo can devalue the house worth. Instead of increasing the value of the house they end up with decreasing the house value.

Know about those factors that can decrease your property value.

Read ahead to know about the factors that are devaluing your property worth and actually creating a negative impact on it. Though factors can be controllable or uncontrollable, this is something you should know about –

Nasty and nuisance neighbors – Yes, this could have a direct bad impact on your house value. If your neighbour has any of bad traits like – aggressive and unfriendly, having untidy house with overgrown garden, having no parking zone and keeps vehicle in front of your property, argues and fights with surrounding people, neighbour does late night loud parties, if your neighbour having a house with shabby appearance. Then it is difficult for owners to convince and ask buyer to buy such a house.

Having a bad neighbour or any dispute with them creates a problem while selling the property. Bad neighbours can ruin the property’s value to a much extent.

What to do – If the behaviour of neighbour is good then you can ask them and discuss over the physical appearance and issues related to the property you have. Explain the things calmly and make a decision which works for both, you and your neighbour. If your neighbour is not good enough to talk then things can be difficult for you.

Do It Yourself renovations – We know, everyone loves their house. And property valuer has suggested to repair and repaint it to get the good value of your home. But what if you try to repair home cracks and damages by yourself and won’t able to fix it properly before selling the house. Nothing, it will dramatically decrease the value of your home. If a buyer thinks the home needs to be repaired than it puts the direct impact on the value of your home. Always remember buyers are least interested in buying a home that needs renovation.

What to do – If you really want to fix the damage by yourself then make sure you have a toolkit and knowledge to repair it correctly. Look you are repairing the property to increase the value of your home not to decrease it. So try to hire a professional, if you can’t do it correctly. You can take suggestions from experts or property valuers when planning to repaint your house because odd or too bright colours and weird wallpapers can disappoint to potential buyers instead of appealing them.

Proximity to rails and highway – Homes near the highway and train tracks can make commuting better but disturbs the people who live there. The unavoidable noises produced a cause of the trains and vehicle on the highway can make the life less enjoyable and more difficult. Potential buyers are less interested in buying such a property. This directly deteriorates the property value.

What to do – If you are an owner, then try to find the buyers who have young members in a family. Children and old people can’t handle such situations easily, it puts a bad impact on their health. Young people are more energetic and those who need to travel on regular basis can go for such homes.

These are hidden factors for owners and can be easily noted by the property valuer that dramatically decreases the value of your home. So what you are waiting for? Hire a property valuer and know the factors which are decreasing the value of your home.