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Know how to shortlist a real estate property for investment & buying purpose

Buying a real estate property is a complex task, irrespective of which purpose you want it whether for an investment or for self-use. This process becomes clumsy when you have multiple builders with several projects. Analysing, comparing, shortlisting those properties and taking a final decision to lock your dream property can be difficult. Though you can ask property valuer Brisbane for the property valuation to know the right value of the property. That prices quoted by the real estate property builder is right or not. So here we are describing the factors, that you should remember while shortlisting and finalizing the real estate property.

Legally registered property –
Before making any decision related to the real estate property in Australia. Make sure it should be legally registered in Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). Shortlist those properties only which are legally registered. Moreover, who wants to invest money in disputed property or which is illegal. Better to research about the property before making your mind for it.

Area and transport facility –
After this know where the property is located. Location plays a vital role in finalizing the property. If you are buying property for yourself then keep your and your family members requirement in the center. How far will be your office from here, calculate the distance of your children’s school and classes from the property you are looking for. Calculate the commutable time and then decide your convenience. This is the most and major factor. you can’t ignore this. Say for your office is in a city area and your new house at highway area the distance between the two is very large, daily traveling can irritate you. Find a place near to your office, school, hospital, airport, train & bus station, these are the basic and regular facilities that you need, so you can stay easily in that location.

Buy what you can afford –
The next big factor that you should keep in mind while shortlisting the real estate property is – Money. Know your budget, what you can afford. Also, know the rates per sqft. cost of a property. Collect the rates of the properties you have on your list and then compare. There is a difference in basic cost and final cost, builders won’t tell you unless you ask for the final costs.

Research and compare construction plans
Compare floor plans and master plans, know what other properties have to offer you. Understand what you actually want and know which property has all your desired features. Check the floor plans of the buildings having sufficient rooms, bathrooms, kitchen area, balconies, garage space, a garden is available or not.

Builder rank and reputation 
While shortlisting the project the important is to know about the project builder – how many projects has been launched till now, what was the delivered time of the project, how many projects completed till now. The real estate project land and property is registered or not? Know the previous records of the property builder.

Compare Amenities
Prepare the list of basic facilities you want and what the real estate properties have to offer you.
Choose the one which fulfills your all the requirement. The availability of the gym, swimming pool, reading lounge, yoga and meditation center, parking spaces facilities.

Ask the property valuer or house valuer to guide you. Explain your requirements and then ask the real estate property valuer to find the property value of the shortlisted properties. Property valuations or house valuations may clear your mind that which property builder is charging the right cost and then choose the best one for you.