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Which one is better – Single storey home or double storey home

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It’s become a tough to answer this question. Which one is the best – Single storey home or multiple storey home. Whether you are planning to buy or construct a home, looking for a rental home, or you want a property for an investment purpose. But still, you get confused between the two as everything comes with its pros and cons. Then first, you should find out your purpose and actual requirement and then you can take a valuable suggestion from the residential property valuer in the property related decisions.

In this post we are disclosing some points which you should know before reaching to any conclusion –

Understand your actual requirement – Before selecting the home for rental purpose, investment purpose, buying or planning to construct a home or for any purpose you should be very clear with your objective. First understand the actual requirement of your family first.

Think for children and old people at home – If your family includes oldies and children you should not buy double storey building because it’s quite tough for them to move upstairs. Having one storey building makes your home easy for patients, retirees, small children as they can move easily, they don’t have to go up and down. While buying double storey home you have to be very cautious to avoid staircase accidents. Even if your are buying a home for an investment purpose in retirees area then you should buy single storey home as these homes could be properly managed by the oldies and retirees.

If you are planning to buy a home in prime location or city area which is usually crowded one then having a double storey building is an advantage. As these homes are spacious and you can get a lawn with it but in single storey building it is difficult to get the lawn or front or back yard. While in double storey building you can easily find a lawn or a yard which gives enough space to your children for playing. Even their noise will not affect your work when you choose to have double storey building.

Affordable – Whether you are planning to construct, buy for an investment or for your own use single storey homes are more affordable than double storey. The construction cost of the single storey homes are less than the double storey homes.

Curb’s appeal – Home is the most valuable assest we possess. We all have the great desire to live in a beautiful home where we can live peacefully. Also when buyers, renters look for a home they want a home with good curb appeal. Well, double storey homes gives good visual appeal on contrary single storey homes look more spacious from outside.

It’s moreover depends upon on your purpose, location, plot size and local trend. You can take advice from the residential property valuer for the best residential property valuation services or home valuation services.

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