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The valuation report is perfect; it is a very clear and precise and has allowed us to make an informed decision about our purchase thanks for acting so quickly.

Mr. Timothy Briscoe Paddington, QLD

Rental Determination/Rental Reviews

Today taking an apartment, home, office or commercial premises on rent is quite common. However, before taking a property on rent both the parties, i.e. the owner and the tenant would like to be sure that they are getting the right benefit out of this transaction. The tenant would like to ensure that he is paying only the right rent that the property commands. On the other hand the owner or the landlord would like to be certain that he is not getting less than what is expected of the property.

The best way to find a way out which satisfies both the stake holder is to go in for rental determination or rental reviews. This is a method by which a third party valuer gives a report about the fair rent that could be expected of such properties. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account such as the location of the property, the facilities that are available there, the infrastructure surrounding the property and other such factors.

Hence, giving the right rental determination for new tenancy agreements and rental reviews for extended previous tenancy agreements is a tough and difficult job. We are in a position to handle the same because of our experience in this field and also a few more reasons that are mentioned below:

• We have the right information and database available with us which will be helpful in helping us to come out with the best possible rental determination and rental reviews figures.
• We also have a separate team to handle such requests in Brisbane and surrounding areas.
• Further though these determination and reviews do not directly fall under the category of valuations they certainly are a report which helps our customers to take the right decision.

To get your valuations done from industry’s most experienced valuers at most affordable rates, call us today on (07) 3123 7147 and we will arrange your appointment with one of the most experienced valuers from industry. You can also write to us at valuers@valsqld.com.au for further details. Or fill in the details at Contact Us page.

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