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The valuation report is perfect; it is a very clear and precise and has allowed us to make an informed decision about our purchase thanks for acting so quickly.

Mr. Timothy Briscoe Paddington, QLD

Current Fair Market Value

For many individual and small retail customers, buying and selling of property is not something that happens on a daily basis. It is therefore quite natural for them to expect that they get the best deal out of these transactions.

From a buyer’s perspective his objective would be to be sure that he is not paying a dollar more than what is actually due for such properties. On the other end of the spectrum, the seller would never like to even settle for a dollar less than what the property commands.

In such situations, the only entity who can help them out is a good valuer. We are a valuer having reasonably good reputation in Brisbane and therefore each day we handle dozens of valuations to find out the current fair market value of properties that are being bought and sold.

The reason why many companies and lot of individuals make it a point to touch base with us is because of the following reasons:

• We are a government recognized valuer which certainly adds a lot of comfort to our customers in Brisbane and surrounding areas.
• Further being a government approved valuer and also given the fact that we have been in the field for the past so many years, even government revenue officials do not mind keeping our valuation reports as a benchmark for others to follow.
• We also employ the most scientific techniques and tools to arrive at the right valuation reports for our clients.
• We make it a point to send our representatives to each of these properties to ensure that the right fair market value is given to both the buyers and sellers.
• We offer our valuation services at reasonable rates which is again a feather in our cap.

Call Valuations QLD today or simply fill in the details at Contact Us Page and we will be calling you. Experience complete satisfaction, call us today at (07) 3123 7147 or you can even write to us at valuers@valsqld.com.au and we will be happy to serve you. You can also come to us and meet us in our office.

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