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The valuation report is perfect; it is a very clear and precise and has allowed us to make an informed decision about our purchase thanks for acting so quickly.

Mr. Timothy Briscoe Paddington, QLD

Retrospective/Back Dated Valuations Eg. 30 June 2006

The rules and regulations governing backdated and retrospective valuations have changed quite significantly. Since June 2006 there is a mandatory requirement to have such backdated valuations for purchase and sale of properties.

Such backdated and retrospective valuations cannot be handled by all and sundry. We being a respected and reputed valuation company from Brisbane would be in a position to handle even the most complicated backdated and retrospective valuations.

A few things that need to be kept in mind regarding backdated valuations are given below:

• Identifying the correct market value of a property with some historical date is something quite tough and difficult.
• One needs to have special methods and access to special sources of information, most of which may not be available on the internet.
• We have been able to build a very big and highly relevant database, particularly with regard to values of properties with historical dates.
• This makes us as one of the best choices for such backdated valuations in Brisbane.
• We also are a registered and recognized valuer and this also helps to increase our reputation amongst many customers.
• Good networking and goo quality of personnel is very important for such backdated valuations and we are proud to have one of the finest teams of valuation experts working with us.
• These valuations will not happen in one sitting and would call for several meetings with our clients. We have a dedicated team which totally focused on such type of retrospective valuations.
• We also do understand that there is an element of timely submission of valuation reports and we fully standby the timeline commitments made to our clients.
• Our rates are quite reasonable compared to the services that we provide.

Fill the details on Contact Us page and we will give you a call as quickly as we can. You can also call us at (07) 3123 7147 and book an appointment with one of our valuers and can get the INSTANT QUOTE as well. You can also email us the query at valuers@valsqld.com.au.

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